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TMT Bars

We are proud to being the most sought after the manufacturers as the best TMT bar dealers in trichy for the past two decades. the following are our renowned and best in class cement products from the prominent manufacturing giants

TMT Fe-500 Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars Based on the most advanced technology, these bars have been manufactured in adherence with various properties required by international standards, which makes them well suited to be used in a number of commercial and industrial uses. ENQUIRE
TMT Fe-500D special grade of TMT enables to withstand the sudden load absorption capacity,which is encountered during earthquakes,cyclones and tsunamies etc events and provides higher safety to the structure. This shall be mainly used in high seismic zones. ENQUIRE
TMT Fe-415 Fe-415 grade is known for its strength and ductility. These Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars have been manufactured using latest technologies and are in conformance with various Chemical and Physical Properties as required by ISO standards.can be used in construction projects such as: Office Building ,Bridges, Residential Complexes etc ENQUIRE